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Women's Franchise Network, Tampa, Meeting

Last night I attended the Women Franchise Network (WFN) meeting in Tampa, FL. The event was hosted by Front Burner Brands, who was recently recognized in the Tampa Bay Business Journal as one of the 2016’s “Coolest Office Spaces”! and I agree it is an AWESOME space and an awesome place… We had a guest speaker Mechell Lord, Chief Connect of the Marketing Posse who shared with us Social Media … Bridging the Gap. And in turn I wanted to share some quotes and highlights Mechell shared with our very interactive group and how they resonated with me.

“Authentically weave Social Media into the fabric of your life” - By weaving social media into your life it becomes like driving a stick shift… it becomes part of you and your personality.

“If you want to communicate a message to anyone, meet them where they are, be it Millennials, Clients, Prospects, Family or Friends” - By meeting them in their space you get recognized for your contribution.

“All traffic isn’t created equal, it’s the quality and engagement of the traffic that holds the highest value” - This I believe speaks for itself, quality of what you share and engagement holds great value.

“Grab strong headlines for your Blogs, Email, Newsletters and Social Media posts using Advanced Marketing Institute’s Headline Analysis Tool” - Strong headlines get noticed!

“The Influencers you want to connect and engage with are the people whose voice you trust personally. Encourage interaction by interviewing them and learning about their passions. They will in turn care more about your brand, building a bridge to their loyal audience”

Here’s a thought, while I may be aware and in some cases know about these social media bridges, they are not necessarily at the forefront of my mind and it is always good to have refreshers. So with that, I was inspired to write this post and put into action some of the great tips learned from our Women Franchise Network, Tampa meeting. To learn more about the WFN, Tampa Chapter, feel free to contact Maria Haan.

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