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Why conduct a franchise progress assessment?

On-boarding a franchisee is perhaps the most important part of a franchisors’ operations. The On-boarding process sets the stage; the experience should be amazing, engaging and inspiring. From the first conversation with a candidate the on-boarding process begins and continues well past the moment they are awarded the franchise. Even before your franchisee attends training they are already being on-boarded. 

With our proprietary franchise assessment, you will learn how your current franchise operations measure up to industry standards and best practices. We review your current process highlighting what is working and identify processes that can be improved upon. We do this by working interactively with your Operations, Marketing and Franchise Development teams. We share industry best practices learned through years of experience, helping you apply the most successful industry practices in your unique circumstances. Our customized assessment is your unique playbook to help your franchise get to the next stage of growth.  

Want to learn more about our assessment? Schedule a free 30 minute consultation with our team today!


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